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Kegeco International Ltd Fuel Management

Fuel theft and unauthorized use is a persistent problem in many fleet companies.We understand that due versatility, your needs are varied. The needs are dependent on the consumer and therefore are in no any particular arrangement or order. Our systems help monitor both total fuel consumption by cars in the fleet and fuel consumption by fleet in total. We have systems that are different to meet the needs of the customer and the budget constraints that ensue vis a vis the environment and machinery.
Fuel monitoring is a challenge to most people and can be met by the following services that we are currently offering: -

  1. We can set up a level reporting system which shall report on the gradual usage of the fuel by use of graphical methods
  2. We have a pre-set liter consumed based on the mileage covered which work very well after an empirical configuration has been determined
  3. We also offer a general expected consumption over time which works very well with new vehicles that are meant for long distance travelling
  4. A standby machinery fuel system monitoring for equipment such as generator, tractors and earth-movers 

All these systems are approached after review of the customer’s specific needs and budget available.

Import on Behalf

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  • We are located at Madaraka, Ole Sangale Rd, off Langata rd, Nairobi.
  • +254 (0) 723 75 75 75
  • info@kegeco.co.ke

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