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In an economic climate that seeks to increase productivity and drive down costs at the same time, businesses are looking for innovative ways to refine processes and cut waste. Working with GPS technology, vehicle tracking, and fleet management allows you to know exactly where your vehicles are, where they have been and a complete overview of their performance, thus allowing you to optimize their utilization and distances covered.

For companies who operate a fleet of vehicles, vehicle tracking products provide an excellent opportunity to keep control of assets and make informed decisions to reduce their costs and boost efficiency.

We have many solutions depending on your needs and size of fleet, so let us save you time by letting us manage your fleet.

Our Fleet Management System will help your company work efficiently to the next level. The system enables you to manage your fleet remotely by using your mobile phone, tablet, iPad or your desktop.

Our fleet management solution is tailored to enable effective and efficient management of fleets of long-distance operators including Trailers & Haulers, Buses, Vans, Matatus, Taxis, Corporates and many others.

  • Location Report 24/7 by systems
  • Engine Switch off  and on via SMS or app or Computer
  • Tracking by time interval either in seconds, minutes, or hours
  • Built - in motion sensor for power saving
  • Sound recording
  • Fuel Level Sensors
  • Over speed Detection Reports
  • Engine Temperature
  • SOS panic button
  • Geo-fencing control
  • Low battery alert
  • Speeding alert
  • Alert when vehicle enters or exits GPS blind area
  • Alert when vehicle is turned on and off
  • Coolant Temperature
  • Fuel Consumption Reports
  • Brake PSI Reports
  • Driver Identification


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  • We are located at Madaraka, Ole Sangale Rd, off Langata rd, Nairobi.
  • +254 (0) 723 75 75 75
  • info@kegeco.co.ke

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